How could Bristol be a more youth friendly city? 
Do young people have a say in shaping their city?

#shapemycity #takeover

To celebrate national Takeover Day, the Architecture Centre will be 'taken-over' by #shapemycity from 21 Nov - 23 Dec through an interactive exhibition, social media and this blog.

#shapemycity is all about getting young people to think about the city around them, who different places are designed for, why the city is how it is and who contributed to making it that way. During #takeover we want young people from across the city to share their ideas and opinions. Possible themes to reflect on could be:
  • your favourite Bristol building/place and why?
  • your least favourite Bristol places and why?
  • public spaces, spaces for art, music, street art, being social, sport 
  • your neighbourhood, identity, belonging, sense of place
  • what a certain place means to you, what you do in certain places, what places have memories for you?
  • Do you feel you have a say in shaping the city/your neighbourhood?
  • Do you think the city has enough quality places/spaces for young people to do what they want/need to do?
  • How could Bristol be a more youth friendly city?     

 You can get involved in the #shapemycity #takeover by:
  • submitting your ideas via the form below
  • visiting the Architecture Centre between 22 Nov - 23 Dec and contribtuting to the #shapemycity pop-up exhibition
  • becoming a guest blogger on this blog site during #takeover (download more info)


  1. The street art and graffiti in Bristol is some of the most vibrant i have encountered. It really shapes Bristol's identity!


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